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SWAN Colorado - A Human Rights Anti-Trafficking Organization

SWAN Colorado is the only survivor and commercial sex worker led human rights anti-trafficking organization in Colorado. Our mission is to fight the oppression of people in policy, society, housing and employment who have been victimized by or who choose commercial sex work.  

SWAN offers direct interventions in a range of services such as - filing violence against women reports, giving financial and treatment resources, progressive human trafficking education and collaboration with community stakeholders. 

Ms. Billie McIntire, MA, LPC Executive Director

Ms. McIntire is a licensed mental health professional specializing in domestic violence, sexualized violence, substance abuse, human trafficking, commercial sex work and trauma informed care. 

Ms. McIntire is a founding member of the Colorado Mental Health Professionals Association and  Adjunct Faculty at the Colorado School For Family Therapy. She is  a member of the National Survivor Network. 

Ms. McIntire is a survivor of the commercial sex industry and human trafficking. She brings a 31 total years of knowledge about the commercial sex industry and 10 years of experience providing clinical services to commercial sex industry and human trafficking survivors.

Mx. Brit Hoagland - Board Member

Mx. Hoagland is an inclusive activist and one of the founders of Free the Nipple Fort Collins. In 2014, Hoagland independently sought change to a sexist ordinance which developed into a contested fight for gender equality that would draw out for years. Hoagland used this tension to gather the support of local commissions, activists and the international public. They learned through firsthand experience how to handle press interviews and speak with politicians. Hoagland shows their dedication to ending legalized sexism, queer erasure and the many facets of rape culture through passionate speeches and educating others on feminist theory. Hoagland holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a Minor in Business from Colorado State University. 

Mr. Gene Ira Katz - Board Member

Mr. Katz has Masters of Science in Marriage, Family & Child therapy, and two professional certificates as Sex Therapist. He is listed/registered with DORA as a registered psychotherapist and  an LMFT Candidate.

Ms. Amber Menagh - Board Member

Ms. Menagh is a survivor of human trafficking.


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